You can't recover eating just vegetables and fruits

In summary: Don't eat just vegetables and fruits to recover. In fact, eating an excessive amount of fruit (more than 3 servings per day) can be detrimental and cause liver problems and increased cholesterol in people. Anorexics are especially susceptible to having increased cholesterol.

The featured image in this article, of fruits and veggies, is what should NOT be dominant on your plate if you're trying to gain weight. Plenty of people eat no leafy green vegetables at all for a period of time and are fine. You could eat no fruits and leafy green vegetables for the entire time you're trying to recover weight, and be fine.

A lot of health-conscious people seriously overdo how many fruits and vegetables they eat.

You can't recover while eating your "safe" foods (fruits and vegetables).

In this article Tabitha Farrar talks about how fruit and veg are low-calorie foods that anorexia makes someone think are “safe” foods, and how sticking to these keeps people in the anorexic mindset. Fat intake is key to break out of the migration/anorexic mode your brain is stuck in. Our ancestors would have meat as a source of fat which signaled you were probably no longer in famine, but any fat works.

“Safe foods are safe foods because they represent forage foods — which aid the migration process. Scary foods are scary because they represent the higher nutrient foods that you would have had to hunt for — hunting doesn’t aid migration. So, I believe in order to convince your Neanderthal brain that you no longer need to migrate, you have to stop eating as if you are migrating. That means eating the high calorie scary stuff and a lot of it.”

To someone who's eating a lot of fruit while trying to recover:

Yes, fruit is yummy. And it is since it’s bred to be so addictive and highly-concentrated in sugar 😊

If you allowed yourself to eat more different foods and fats, you’ll start to crave those.

You crave fruit + veg to excess amounts because you’ve limited yourself to consuming it for so long, so your body thinks it’s the only food available and that there’s no fat anywhere to eat.

Which just reinforces the migration/anorexia mode your brain is in, even more.

Being underweight + having no period already makes your bone health weaker and can cause worse teeth

This Tabitha Farrar video may also be helpful to listen to. Ignore the animal foods she advocates for, but all the other advice is solid.

What the whole food, plant-based doctors say about fruits and harms of eating over 3 servings per day:

John McDougall about fruit: “Fruits– because they are high in simple sugars – should generally be limited to 3 servings a day as they’re tasty and easy to over-consume. The sugar in fruit is fructose which, for some, causes triglycerides and cholesterol to rise. People with these concerns should limit fruits even more.


Keep fruits to one or two a day.  Fruit is largely simple sugar and people can easily eat 10 to 20 servings a day without a guilty thought – after all, fruit is healthy.  In truth, fruits should be thought of as healthy desserts, made largely of sugar and water (but with lots of wholesome nutrients). “

Dr. Esselstyn on fruit: "On Page 71 of his book Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease (320 pages, 2008), Dr Esselstyn says:

"Fruits of all varieties are permitted. A word of caution is in order, however: it is preferable to limit your fruit consumption to three pieces a day (or, for berries and grapes, three servings, each about the size of a modest handful). It is also best to avoid drinking pure fruit juices. Fruit — and juice, especially — carries a avoid drinking pure fruit juices. Fruit — and juice, especially — carries a high sugar content, and consuming too much of it rapidly raises the blood sugar. The body compensates to the sugar high with a surge of insulin from the pancreas — and the insulin, in turn, stimulates the liver to manufacture more cholesterol. It may also elevate triglyceride levels. Be careful of sugar-laden desserts, which can have the same effect.””

if you already have high cholesterol (and most anorexics do), eating tons of fruit is going to keep pushing it higher. Not healthy.