Why people mistakingly love their eating disorders

Anorexia makes people abuse themselves and enjoy it.

Anorexia is a seductive illness. It is one of the few illnesses which makes people actually want to stay ill with them. Anorexia is an abusive partner which makes the sufferer feel they must stay in the harmful relationship.

My goal is to help patients find their own motivation to eat more to recover - to actually want to recover. This is why I share science-based education on this End Anorexia website to help people see just how grave the consequences of anorexia are.

Eating disorders are ego syntonic in psychology vernacular, meaning they feel like they're aligned with one's self-concept. Most illnesses are ego dystonic, meaning they feel like they're incongruent with one's self. Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani writes in Sick Enough:

“Many patients with eating disorders and their families are forced to confront difficult situations where necessary treatment is rejected with potentially life-threatening consequences, usually due to a high degree of malnutrition or purging. Eating disorders resist diagnosis and treatment by their very nature. They are what’s called ego syntonic, meaning the disorders are in harmony with the person’s sense of self. Someone with cancer rarely if ever embraces their diagnosis as enhancing their purpose and uniqueness, soothing their demons, and promising salvation from all woes. This is, however, what many people feel about their eating disorder. A starved brain becomes especially resistant and rigid, such that feeling hopeless about recovery is common."

All my articles and videos on the evolutionary basis of anorexia also explain more why this disease is so alluring to people caught under its spell. With this kind of education, one can finally wake up to the reality of self-destruction their causing and end the abusive relationship.