Build your recovery support community

Having supportive family and friends really helps with recovery. Many call a supportive community crucial.

Surround yourself with people who want you to gain weight and are caring. It really made a difference in my life to have friends who were really encouraging and didn't shame me, who approached me from a place of concern and understanding when I had an eating disorder.

I had a friend who said it’s probably not normal to get my period, when I was 17, which helped motivate me to see the doctor for that. I had friends who prepared or gave me calorically-dense delicious food that they knew was compliant with my diet, and that I loved.

It was honestly not helpful, when I was at a BMI so low that I technically should've been hospitalized, to hear someone say I was fine and okay. I needed people who could tell me the truth, that I needed to gain weight, but also be warm, like Dr. Csilla Veress. I had negative experiences with eating disorder therapists who seemed to be a lot more critical and attacking.