There's no such thing as gaining weight "too fast"

Many of my clients get scared of weight gain. Even a little bit of gain will put them off from continuing to eat. They'll even ask if it's possible to gain weight too fast.

To that I respond:

In anorexia treatment, it’s recommended to gain at least 1-2 lb per week, but more is always better.

Faster weight gain is better.

The most ideal scenario is if you were at your goal weight tomorrow. The anorexia and being underweight has damaged your body and brain for so long. Recovering as fast as possible is key.

Gaining fast is getting you closer to your goal weight. And be able to enjoy food more, the same calories you used to but not gain a ton so rapidly

If you are feeling hungry, you need to eat. So if you’re hungry at the end of the day that means you need to eat more throughout the day. This will result in weight gain, which is good for you.

Weight gain = a sign of your strength and return to health. Continue eating the same thing you did yesterday. Do not decrease calories or exercise more to try to get rid of this weight. The weight is here to heal you ❤️

Also, don't bother weighing yourself daily. It's best to learn about your weight no more than once weekly (if you weigh yourself at all):

Weight doesn’t increase in a super stable, linear way in proportion to how much we intake. Our body’s biology is very complicated. This is part of why paying attention to the general weight trend, rather than daily fluctuations, is more helpful

Don’t pay as much attention to how you weight changes every day. Our weight can be a little different daily based on so many different factors.