The calorie-deficient meal plan you follow guarantees 1 thing: sickness

I liked this passage from Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani's Sick Enough. To some anorexic patients, she asks:

“What if I created a meal plan for you that was virtually guaranteed to cause the following issues: bloating, fullness, nausea, constipation, hair loss, wrinkled skin, fragile bones, a slowed metabolism, anxiety, social isolation, and cardiac damage?”

Of course, the anorexic patient knows this is referring to their current, insufficient meal plan.

Dr. Gaudiani will follow-up with:

“That’s the meal plan you’re following presently, the one that your eating disorder has told you is so safe. Nothing is more dangerous for you than restriction."

In contrast, listen to those who tell you to eat a more well-rounded, nourishing diet with more calories. That's the meal plan you want to be on!