The many benefits of recovery

I really enjoyed this passage from Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani's Sick Enough.

Taylor has anorexia and is starting to finally recover by committing to eating 100% of her meal plan prescribed by her dietician, even through her fear. The following excerpt (emphasis added is mine) describes how her life starts to improve.

If you're trying to recover from anorexia, replace the name "Taylor" (the case study here) with your name. This could be your future, if you also eat enough.

“A few weeks into nutritional rehabilitation, Taylor’s team permits her to start engaging again in mindful, joyful movement. Starting with one or two days a week and doing a little more each week (with days for rest), Taylor does yoga and goes hiking, both activities she finds enjoyable and grounding. She starts regarding her body as being strong and able to take her on fun adventures, rather than as being something to tame and dislike. Taylor’s relationships with her classmates, family, and friends warm back up. As her brain becomes nourished, she can feel her cognitive function improve. Studying is much faster and easier, she’s sleeping better, and she loses the uncomfortable, edgy, anxious feeling she used to experience.

Four months after the intervention by her family and friends, Taylor is in a much better place. She looks forward to the day where she can simply intuit what she needs to eat and when."

All anorexics have the power to heal like Taylor has. To be able to do more physical activities, improve relationships, and improve cognitive function. To ditch the anxiety and edginess that anorexia brings with it.

Recovery has so many benefits. Knowing these benefits helps one push past the natural anorexic fear of eating.

Eat more, rest more, and reap the rewards!