The healthiest diets in the longest-living people ALL have added fat

I was talking to a client who tries to follow a no-added fat diet. Those diets are just bonkers.

If we look at the Blue Zones (areas with the world's longest-lived people), they ALL eat added fat in some form. All the centenarians. Nuts, seeds, even oil. Plant- based doctors all say that adding fat helps with nutrient absorption. Many talk of how eating nuts extends lifespan according to research, etc.

And while follow [insert no-added fat diet influencer here] when she herself is not that healthy? She has of issues exacerbated by her extreme fad diet. You want to follow the diets of people who ARE healthy, and that’s why I look to those Blue Zones places - the longest-lived people in the world, with the longest HEALTHY longevity too, not years spent in debility. They are living proof.

From the Blue Zones Food Guidelines (

"Eat two handfuls of nuts per day. A handful of nuts weighs about two ounces, the average amount that blue zones centenarians consume—almonds in Ikaria and Sardinia, pistachios in Nicoya, and all nuts with the Adventists. The Adventist Health Study 2 found that nut eaters outlive non–nut eaters by an average of two to three years.”

That’s something the Blue Zones researchers recommend. Those places mentioned have the longest-lived people on the planet. The Adventists are a religious group which live mainly in Loma Linda, they’re all vegetarian.

All of the longest-lived people seem to have big families aka they were fertile females. They were not starving females all the time. Their BMI’s are not below 18 on average.