Taking a break from school or work may be necessary to recover

When I finally committed to recovering from anorexia, I forced myself to not move. It did feel uncomfortable to lie in bed most of the day for sure. But even more, I was absolutely sick of being anorexic. It was stealing my life away.

Honestly, people may need to put their lives on pause to recover properly. I definitely had to - my primary care doctor told me to not get a job during that time.

I also did need to take a leave from college to improve my health.

If you are in school and it's getting in the way of recovery, you could possibly take a leave from school temporarily. Take a break. Slow down. Recover ❤️

It's wonderful to have goals. It's important to have something to strive for, a reason to recover.

The only thing is the goal can be so demanding it can get in the way of recovery, at times. There’s no shame in needing to take a break from school, a job, or other things.

It can in fact be the smartest decision because in the long run you will be healthier and smarter. As you know, anorexia decreases the amount of gray matter in our brains. We literally become less smart when we’re underweight.