Stop measuring your food and weight as much

It may be helpful for some to regularly measure their food and weight, but often this can be a hindrance to recovery.

Personally, I didn’t make a meal plan daily. I measured just on occasion to make sure I was intaking at least the minimum of my calorie goal. I wasn’t that restrictive because I knew that I needed to get these calories in to heal. Sometimes of course it was harder to make myself finish all of the food, but I knew it was so important.

I ate so much, especially of the Nourish meal supplements that the company Functional Formularies makes. That really helped since it’s liquid and easily digestible, and has oil which personally helped me gain fat faster. My insurance covered Nourish.

How did I know if I was eating enough? I knew pretty much how much I need to eat at least based off precious measuring. I had no thought of calorie numbers specifically, I just knew the more the better.

Not measuring every last gram was easier than measuring. Because then I blindly ate a ton without worrying about how it was a super high number of calories. I no longer felt like I was limited. Our ancestors didn’t measure food like we do now. It’s just not necessary. Measuring is unnatural and holds us back.

I would estimate how much I was eating just visually, when not measuring. And eat past hunger cues because I know my hunger drive was diminished. Also I increased fat mainly, not carbs and especially not protein. More protein makes one feel more full and protein is the hardest macromolecule to digest. To gain weight, fat is key :)

One of my clients with anorexia told me one day:

In 15 years I have never accepted weight gain as the goal. That is without the intention to lose it again. [But today,] I did notice that I have almost accepted that weight gain is the goal. So when I was measuring today, an extra gram or two didn’t bother me. Because it’s like, well I am supposed to gain anyway, so who cares if it's more? And I sat and studied and it felt good not to pace. Like why walk when I am supposed to gain?

I responded:

I agree, why bother to measure? There’s no such thing as “too much”

Measuring is just taking so much effort and time. It makes you more anxious.

you can do it like I did, measure on occasion just to get a rough ballpark, make sure you’re eating AT LEAST your X calories. But beyond that… eat more! Eat whatever you want! ❤️ That is true eating, free eating.

Instead of relying on measuring, listen to your hunger

Never be too hungry. I snacked, I think eventually I got into eating 4 big meals, but if I got hungry in between I’d snack.

Eat when you're hungry. Eventually you will be able to stop measuring completely. And when your weight is healthy you can definitely stop measuring as much. Because you know you are eating to maintain, and your metabolism can deal with most amounts you give it.

Eventually, when you are recovered, you will stop thinking so much about the numbers. The numbers are a crutch and they also are fuel for your OCD. Eventually you will stop caring about calorie counts, measuring, and even weighing yourself as frequently

or counting your steps too

😊 That is mental freedom. freedom from numbers

Eat when you’re hungry, even if it doesn't follow your "schedule"

I would always grab food if I felt like it. I would always go for extras and seconds and thirds. You can eat as much as you like. You can have over 6 meals a day. It doesn’t matter - just EAT when you are hungry, until you are not hungry!

❤️ That is how you heal.

You listen to your hunger and eat.

The human body is not like a machine that will only respond to 3 meals a day eaten at precise times. I started off eating like 3 meals 2 snacks daily, and then naturally ended up starting to each 4 big meals daily (cause when I start to snack I end up wanting to get a full meal in 😋

During anorexia recovery, I was so hungry I basically ate around the clock. At least every 2-3 hours.

Eat whenever you want and however much you want. You don’t even need to measure that “extra.” Just eat it!

We can't obsess over what we can't measure

People can't obsess as much over what they can't measure. People only started paying attention to %body fat more when they're able to do it with their smart scales, like some of my clients have. They track all the numbers carefully and links them to their appearance appearance. They record daily.

With access to scales, people continue relying on those arbitrary numbers, numbers which they then use to define their self-worth and correlate strongly with their appearance. This keeps them from being in touch with how their body feels.

Consider measuring less of your food and body, and over time letting go of it completely. Don't be a prisoner to the numbers.