Restrictive routines are pleasure traps

The Pleasure Trap is a concept coined by Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Alan Goldhamer. I wrote this to a client, familiar with the pleasure trap concept, regarding breaking routines:

Routines are like pleasure traps in themselves. Just like pacing, they give very temporary and minimal relief. Not all routines are bad, just some can become them - like exercise addiction. Now that I’m traveling and away from my home, I am relieved that I’m not so OCD about everything that I can’t enjoy a beautiful island. I’m not getting up in the morning to exercise like crazy, like I used to.

And my brain and body are SOOO much happier for that.

I’m not being lazy, I’m being smart by not moving when I don’t need to.

Also because I don’t need to measure food, I can make and eat food so much faster. And actually enjoy a meal while talking to someone.

Before, during meals I was soooo focused on trying to control my food, and worrying about it while I ate, that people could tell I was too focused on my food to actually listen to them talk. I was ridiculous. They were like “Why are you bothering to try having a conversation with me, you’re clearly distracted by your meal"?

Ditch your restrictive routines around food and exercise. They don't serve you today and aren't long-term solutions to your emotional and physical problems.