If you think you have an eating problem, you probably do: Anosognosia

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

If you think you have an eating problem, you probably do. You don't need to have lost your period or have a thin appearance to have an eating disorder. You don't need to have all the classic symptoms. Honestly I think labels are so unhelpful and I want people to know that if they have concerns about their eating, they should get them addressed because eating is one of our core human actions. Food is vital to our survival. Cultivating a healthy relationship with food is essential to having a healthy life.

Anosognosia is a symptom of anorexia. This is the belief that one is not ill, when in fact they are. If you have an eating problem, don't be ashamed of it. The first steps to fixing it is to just recognize that the eating problem is there and not judge yourself for it. Eating disorders are so common and appear in males too, and people of any age.

For more science on this subject, I like LivLabelFree's article on interoception and anorexia: https://livlabelfree.com/blog/interoception-in-autism-and-anorexia/.

I also like how Decoding Anorexia by Carrie Arnold describes anosognosia.