How I found evolutionary psychology and Dr. Shan Guisinger

In 2019 I was at my lowest BMI ever and essentially had to spent months on bedrest. Being literally unable to do all the physical activities I used to, and struggling with severe chronic pain due to the accommodative spasm that is my eye condition, I listened to a lot of podcasts. And got hooked on Beat Your Genes which I discovered at that time. It’s an evolutionary psychology-based podcast in which Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Jen Howk basically explain life. I knew about evolutionary theory before but mainly applied to biology, not psychology.

I've continued to follow Dr. Lisle and Howk's work. In a Chef AJ interview in mid-2020 Dr. Lisle mentioned that he'd recommend Dr. Shan Guisinger for anorexia treatment. So I naturally looked up her work and discovered all about her Adapted to Famine theory, which clicked with me right away.

I cover some of this in my Eating Disorder Recovery Story interview with therapist Kiki Attonito: