How ED treatment could improve using the biological, evolutionary model

Eating disorders is way more biologically-rooted than the DSM and other people make them out to be. Anorexic behaviors are only triggered when a person’s normal average body weight falls by about 15% and these anorexic behaviors are very clearly shown in a variety of animals which obtain food similarly to humans, as I’ve explained in one of the videos on my Youtube channel.

  • Also, it’s clear that biologically when a person is near weight-restored they will get intense hunger. If doctors can tell their patients this, the patients won’t be as scared when they face this hunger. They can push through knowing that recovery is on the side.

  • Treatment centers will often punish patients for going over prescribed meal plans. I think that’s wrong - patients should be allowed to go over, to eat as much as possible because physical weight restoration is key to getting the mind healed of the ED.

  • Traditional ED therapy inherently shames patients by insinuating that they’re obsessed with being thin, that they have self-control problems, that they’re rebellious on purpose, etc. It’s all very damaging to the self-esteem of an ED patient who is often someone who is already a people-pleaser. When people realize ED has this evolutionary cause and is caused by physical weight loss, it helps them focus treatment on getting weight back on and educating patients in a way that doesn't shame.