Get your period back sooner by eating more fat

Period restoration is one of the important markers of eating disorder recovery. It can help some clients to know that if they eat more fat, they can get their periods back sooner and potentially not have to gain as much overall weight. You have to be at least 11% body fat to get a period, in general.

What I'd written to a client:

You can’t just add seeds at your goal bodyweight and expect that’s going to bring your body fat up to at least 11%. The whole point of eating fats NOW is cause we want to raise your body fat % NOW, ASAP, so you will get menses sooner. So your overall total bodyweight won’t have to go up as much.

It's not possible for you to eat “too much fat.” It’s not. Any fat amount is good for you.

your body does get more fat on a 60% fat diet than a 10% fat diet in terms of composition.

And the easier-absorbed fats will make you increase in body fat % faster, which is why they’re so important because that is exactly what we are doing. the FASTER you increase body fat % the FASTER you get menses and thus (above your goal weight of X lb) will not have to gain as much body weight, if at all.

I recommend ground flaxseed (and flaxseed oil) for period restoration

Here's an article by the author of No Period, Now What about how useful flaxseeds are, and quotes from it (

“Studies show flax alone has the potential to reduce stress hormones, and have positive effects both on the follicular phase (including ovulation) and the luteal phase of a menstrual cycle. Based on the reduction in stress hormones and perceived stress, along with other health benefits and no adverse consequences, I see no reason not to add flax seed to your arsenal as you work to restore missing menstrual cycles or to potentially help with normalizing menstrual cycles that are wonky for other reasons."

Plant-based doctors like Dr. Greger say to eat 2 tbsp flaxseed daily. I eat at least 2 tbsp daily. Many people do. It’s like how people like to eat turmeric and other health foods

It's an extremely healthy food and by not having it you’re denying yourself so many benefits"

Ditch the "no-added fat diet"

Your “eat raw before X time” and “no added fats” rules are hurting you.

There’s no “healthiest plant fat” just like there’s no “healthiest plant fat” just like there’s no “healthiest vegetable.” Flax just particularly has some well-studied benefits, especially for getting periods back.

Eating it helps, doesn’t hurt you.

You’re denying yourself an extremely healthy food just because it’s a purer fat source, which is great for you too anyway,