Fitness influencer bodies may not be healthy

About fitness influencers and media

I know people who do want bodies like that of Kayla Itsines, a fitness influencer. It often turns out to they struggle with constant hunger, fatigue, and eating disorders. For people of all genders, striving toward these bodies can be really more effort and cost than it's worth. People like Kayla make things seem easy or effortless, but really a lot of these influencers have so many issues they deal with themselves as a consequence of the appearance they try to maintain.

For females to have visible abs means having very low body fat %, often to unhealthy levels. I personally used to want "six pack abs" but then read how Olympic level female gymnasts don't even have them (and they are generally very lean and muscular). A lot of it is genetic - how much fat we carry over parts of our body. Females naturally carry more fat on the surface of their body than males - good for protecting internal organs, carrying kids, and also smoothing out the skin to look younger.

Now whenever I see a female with very defined abs I feel some sympathy for her because of those I know with this body, they are indeed struggling with disordered eating and feel very miserable. I think highly conscientious people, in their quest to be thin and look "athletic," overshoot and start idealizing bodies which no longer represent health. I know I did.