How to end extreme hunger: Eat more

Updated: Jan 12

When one’s weight is restored and periods resume, the extreme hunger finally ends. The more one eats, the more one’s hunger drive naturally diminishes. After my period returned, which to me represented the true marker of health restoration, my extreme hunger had already ceased.

This is well-predicted by Dr. Shan Guisinger’s theory and other observations of weight restoration.

At my goal weight and with my period back, I had normal hunger and satiety cues. So I naturally felt fuller on a slightly decreased caloric intake.

Now that my weight's restored, I'm able to get more joy out of eating now. I feel more comfortably full and satiated.

Many clients are scared of their hunger. Do not be. Hunger is a valuable signal that means one must EAT MORE.

Gaining weight ends ravenous hunger.

Question to ask yourself:

Would you prefer to feel more of that ravenous hunger and have anorexic symptoms, instead of gain slightly more weight?

Gaining weight is what will allow your body to stop wanting to move all the time, and calm down the intense, negative hunger you feel.

I know it’s scary to see the number go up a little faster than you’d like, but also eventually you will have to get it up to heal from other problems you’re experiencing due to anorexia.

Eat according to hunger

If you always eat according to your hunger, you won't need to purposefully decrease your calorie intake, ever... Throughout the whole recovery process (including what brought me to overshoot and back down) I ate according to hunger.

Indeed, when you don’t have the skeleton body to try to find comfort from, you will be able to get ACTUAL control and accomplishment in life from striving after REAL goals.

You should eat anytime you think of food. It’s called “mental hunger” and Tabitha Farrar speaks extensively on it. When you are thinking of food, you are hungry. Go get a snack or eat a meal.