Eat oil to recover the fastest

I've written other articles about why I started eating oil to recover, even though I was following an other whole food plant-based diet. I recommend flaxseed oil in particular for period recovery, which is also covered in other articles.

Here's more on why to eat oil, written to a client.

Michelle: Oil is the most easily absorbed fat by the body, aka it’ll help you gain body fat fastest out of anything else. And you want to get menses back before overshoot. You could taper off oil later, but if I were you I would eat tons of it now because it’ll increase your body fat %, that’s what we’re really trying to get up.

Client: Totally agree. But if you had any idea the almost PTSD I have from oil, nut butters and nuts. It’s terrible.I was force fed nuts and nut butter. And they poured oil on my food so it was like soup. Literally one parent holding me down while the other shoved food in.

Michelle: The human body does most easily turn dietary (eaten) fat into body fat. Protein and carbs won't give you as much body fat.

You have to eat oil and stop making your diet so starch-based. You have to eat a weight GAIN diet because that’s your goal. Not for life, this is temporary period of time

I agree, drinking oil is disgusting. I’m talking about, just a small splash. Just a little bit. It’s more psychological than anything, your aversion to it. I also had felt the same aversion - I get it, I also was forced to eat such amounts that made me want to throw up

if you mix it into your food, it’s much more palatable. And enjoyable.

I truly truly get how horrible the experience was of being forced to eat those foods in that horrible way. I would have nightmares about how people forced food onto me.

Now I don’t have nightmares about that, because finally I became the one making decisions about my food. And so in recovery I CHOSE to add fat to my food, and today I STILL choose to add fat to my food, and I LOVE it.

I don’t drink bowls of oil or eat tablespoons of nut butter just straight up - that’s disgusting. I mix nuts and avocado into my food. It tastes good. Instead of eating a bunch at one time, I just add some to each meal. It’s very balanced.