Eat as much as you want, for life

Written to a client:

As a person eating to purposefully gain weight, have the opportunity now to eat AS MUCH as you want and have that “buffer” to gain. This is your golden chance to eat more freely than you ever have before.

You are in food paradise and heaven, I keep telling you. You can eat anything, anytime.

the only thing keeping you from experiencing food paradise is your fear of gaining weight

If you just got over that, you could truly see how far you can go in terms of eating tons of food. There are NO negative consequences, only positive

Eating every time you think of food is also what you can do for the rest of your life.

Because as I think of it, yes I eat pretty much when I think of food right now. I’m not dreaming of food all day like you

And when you’re at your goal weight you also won’t be thinking of food 24/7

because your mind will be healed and your hunger will be normal

last time you drank 3 bottles of water instead of ate. You were still hungry afterward.

You should’ve eaten instead of had the water in an attempt to quell your hunger (which doesn’t work, it’s basically physically stuffing yourself with the lowest calorie food... 0 cal)

My brain is recovered and healthy now (as yours will become). I do not think about food unless I’m hungry, so if I think about it (which is like 3x a day roughly, and sometimes if I need to snack, often between lunch + dinner) then I eat!

Don't ignore hunger

never resist the thoughts of food or hunger for hours on end... You are seeing now how that does NOT make the thoughts of food or hunger go away. The ONLY way to make the constant thoughts of food and hunger go away is to EAT.

Snacking is fine

I have no aversion to snacks. If I’m in the garden and someone offers me a tomato or cucumber, of course I’ll eat it. I won’t necessarily be hungry for it, but I’d still eat it to taste it.

in fact, just now, I recently had a meal but then got hungry like an hour afterward, so I pretty much ate another meal :)