Don't take birth control to get your period back

Taking birth control to get on your period does NOT actually give you the elevated female hormones you need to protect your brain, bones, and whole body. It in fact has negative consequences, e.g. keeping you deluded into thinking you are healthy when in fact your body isn’t healthy enough to produce a natural period.

No Period, Now What? the book has a chapter discussing this and the harms of using birth control to artificially make the body have a period. It actually makes the

body have a period. It actually makes the period no longer a signal of the body having recovered. And keeps you from getting to true recovery.

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"Birth control pills are commonly prescribed in an attempt to restart menses and to minimize bone weakness. One study surveyed doctors and found that 78% prescribed birth control pills for their patients with anorexia nervosa. However, research shows that birth control pills do not help to reverse osteopenia.
They cause only an artificial period and do not get at the heart of the problem or help with bone density. In fact, because the pills may mask the problem (lack of true menstruation), they are not recommended for purposes beyond birth control (non-menstruating sexually active females may still become pregnant)."

From this article (

Birth Control Pills Are Not Recommended
Many women with HA who present to a medical provider are prescribed birth control pills. This is unfortunate. While this is an estrogen replacement that will provide a fake bleed, it does not solve the underlying problem or help the resumption of normal natural hormone activity. The underlying HA still needs to be addressed and birth control pills may only mask the problem.
Furthermore, if you are already on birth control pills, be aware that the artificial period you get from birth control pills does not provide an accurate indicator of your health. You won’t be able to tell whether you’d menstruate on your own and whether HA is an issue for you until you go off them. “If you’re getting your period only because you are on birth control pills, it doesn’t count,” (Rinaldi, 2019, p. 12). Studies have shown that birth control pills do not help prevent further bone loss. Therefore, birth control pills should not be used as a treatment for HA.

Dr. Doug Lisle is against brain-altering medication, and I agree with him. Birth control’s effects on the brain are poorly studied ( condition/birth-control/birth-control-brain) but many negative effects are shown, too

We know that many people on oral contraceptives report anxiety and/or depression as a side effect.”

I’d argue it’s more harmful to your brain than helpful, and also, you shouldn’t take birth control for the many other reasons that people who are underweight shouldn’t take it. Like that it doesn’t actually protect the rest of your body - the book No Period, Now What? shares how birth control “Birth control pills have been shown to decrease the rate of bone breakdown, but they also reduce bone formation."

“Birth control pills have been shown to decrease the rate of bone breakdown, but they also reduce bone formation”

So people on birth control don’t improve bone mass at all, if they don’t have a natural period. You’re very likely to cause more neurological issues using synthetic hormones and birth control.