8-week online course to end your extreme hunger

Hi friends! I want to share this online course my friend Liv at livlabelfree.com created. I've reviewed this course and think it can help many people recover from anorexia and end their extreme hunger. I wish I had this course when I had anorexia.

It is completely science-based. The value of it far exceeds what it costs. It could give you your life back.

The course


The description

"Extremely Hungry to Completely Satisfied is the world's very first course designed specifically for those who want a step-by-step guide to overcoming extreme hunger and finding true satisfaction! It combines scientific research and insight from years of personal experience to provide tangible action steps towards a life of FREEDOM.

Full of video presentations, lessons, worksheets, and scientific resources, Extremely Hungry to Completely Satisfied is the framework that teaches you how to not only beat extreme hunger, but how to pave your unique path towards a fully recovered life. We don’t try and mask the symptoms or use willpower to resist food...because THAT doesn't work! Rather, you’ll learn how to approach recovery in a holistic light, addressing and uprooting the ROOT CAUSE of your fears around food and weight.

In just 8 weeks, you'll learn to shift your mindset in every way possible so you can fully recover from disordered eating…and not just have to "manage" an ED for the rest of your life!"

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