Michelle Cen is a health coach who recovered from years of eating disorders. She specializes in helping people recover while plant-based.


Michelle applies Dr. Shan Guisinger's evolutionary-based Adapted to Famine theory to help people recover. She also draws inspiration from Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Jen Howk's Esteem Dynamics counseling approach.


Michelle is helping Dr. Shan Guisinger with her upcoming eating disorder treatment manual. She is also the ​Education and Communications Director at Elephant in the Room Foundation, which spreads anorexia science.


Contact Michelle at michellecen1@gmail.com

Michelle has a BA from Stanford University.

Michelle physically recovered using plant-based food, and psychologically recovered after discovering Dr. Shan Guisinger's evolutionary biology and psychology-based eating disorder theory called Adapted to Famine.


Using this approach it is possible to healthily end anorexia.

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